For our patients only, we offer the option of Virtual visitsfrom the comfort of your home.All you need it to download our patient portal's app MyChart and the mos updated version of Zoom to your device.

For high quality medical care

Call us at: 617-209-3933

​We offer Virtual visits from the comfort of your home. All you need it to download our patient portal's app MyChart and the most updated version of Zoom to your device.

Singular Pediatrics​

Hulafrog's Most Loved Awards™ recognize the best local resources for kids and families in hundreds of communities across the country. Parents from Newton and Belmont have spoken and elected us the co-winner of The Most Beloved Pediatrician Award for 2017!

There is metered parking directly in front of the office on Union St. as well as onthe adjacent streets (Beacon and Langley). 
There is free, time limited (1-2 hour) parking on specific streets very close to the office. These options are on Chase Street and Chesley Road.  
To easily pay the meter for parking in Newton Center, we recommend using the Passport App. The Passport Parking app is free to download from the iPhone App Store and Android Google Play. Users can also manage their parking online at

32 Union Street
Newton Centre, MA 02459​
Phone: 617 209 3933
Fax: 857 404 0581


Boston Children's Hospital Community of Care 

Comprehensive Services

​Our services are comprehensive and address

acute and chronic disorders as well as prevention and wellness from birth to 24 years  of age. ​​

Prenatal Meetings


​Call us to schedule a complimentary prenatal visit

New Patients

We accept new patients up to 18 years of age


Our staff and pediatricians are seasoned PROS with greater than 90 years of collective experience in delivering pediatric health care. We aim high, and we work hard to deliver exceptional primary care to your family, when you need it. To achieve this, we will work in close partnership with you to make decisions that suit your family. 

We design our practice to allow time for discussion of your concerns and questions. We believe these conversations are vital in providing you with the information and support needed for making the best health decisions for your family.

We offer you the intimacy of a small general practice in Newton with outstanding access to 24/7 services backed by our on-call partners. ​Our patients enjoy access to exceptional specialists from Boston Children's Hospital and other institutions in Boston.


We endorse immunizations as one of the most powerful ways to prevent illnesses.

Hours: ​​​
On call doctor 24/7
Weekday hours: 9 to 5 PM
Weekend hours (when we are seeing patients on-call only): 9 AM - 2 PM