​We offer  Virtual visits from the comfort of your home. 

Call us at 617- 209 -3933

We strive to deliver outstanding pediatric medical care 24/7

"I am new to the area and I am not sure which pediatrician to choose"

Choosing a pediatrician is an important decision and we are pleased to help you in this process. Please call our office at 617 209 3933 and schedule a Getting to Know visit with one of our pediatricians. These visits are free of charge, and offer you a chance to ask questions and ensure that we are the right match for your family. Take a look at the profile of our pediatrician in the ABOUT US section above.

"I am pretty sure I would like to join Singular Pediatrics"

If you have been recommended to our practice or feel that we are the right match for you, simply call 617 209 3933 and schedule a New patient visit with us. ​We accept new patients up to 18 years of age.

We welcome you to our practice and look forward to a happy and healthy journey with you!

​Be sure to bring your child's immunization records and insurance card for your first visit. 

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