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Meditation & Mindfulness 

a healthy start

                  is a great GIFT 

                                    to your child

Here are some potentially helpful meditations and mindfulness resources: 

Meditation has great and many benefits. Meditation may help you and your children in the journey towards health and wellbeing. The practice may help individuals with depression, anxiety disorders; it may also improve focus, attention, and ability to work under stress; nourish mental strength, resilience and emotional intelligence -- and more.

Yoga Journal: 10-Minute Meditation

Mothers sacrifice sleep, diet, love life to care for their kids. Take a moment to pause and recalibrate yourself for better balance.

Institute of Noetic Sciences, Mindful Motherhood Online Course

Mindfulness can help you meet the challenge and approach each day with your new baby with open eyes and an open heart. Mindful Motherhood teaches you how mindfulness practices can be integrated into your everyday life during pregnancy and early motherhood to help you stay balanced, healthy, and connected with your baby, even in difficult moments.

Mind Body Green's 5 Tips to Teach Children Mindfulness & Meditation​

There is an increasing interest in teaching children these methods to help them relax, de-stress and learn how to connect to their own inner source of calm. 

The Art of Living's 5 Reasons Why Children Should Meditate

It’s time to give them the best gift of their life – something which they will cherish lifelong and be grateful, for it will change their life for the better. A simple yet very effective technique called meditation - one of the most valuable skills we can teach our children.